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What's New at Lakair Lodge?

This section will offer weekly updates of events at Lakair Lodge and other bits of information pertaining to fishing and vacationing in our area. Please send your photos (fish pictures, scenery, etc.) taken while on vacation at our lodge and we will post some of them on this site or perhaps in our main photo section.

fall musky...

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Tue. October 9, 2012

Big Musky.. Woot..!

Kevin Severy who does this web site for Lakair just landed this beauty this afternoon on the West Arm of Lake Nipissing!!!... Congratulations Kevin...!

time for a break.... :)

the bay
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Sat. September 15, 2012

This fall we have decided to close the lodge early (September 15) due to health reasons. This affects our fall business only and we will be opening in the spring on 2013, on the May Long Weekend, as usual.
We send to all our guests our best wishes for this fall season. The colours up here are just beginning to really show well. It is actually one of our favorite times of the year. For those wishing to try fall fishing on Nipissing we recommend you contact one of the following lodges: Lucky Strike Camp (705-594-1349), Memquisit Lodge (705-898-2355), Shuswap on the Nipissing (705-898-2485) or Monetville Tavern Lodge (705-898-2921). These three quality fishing resorts are all located on the West Arm of Lake Nipissing.

Digger the Dog (140.8 KB)

nice catch of bass.....

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Mon. July 23, 2012

These fish were caught on July 22/12 by the Hilgendorf party... nice fish guys....!

Musky Fishing 2012

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Thu. May 24, 2012

Here is a pic of a very pretty young musky recently caught and released while fishing for pike last weekend. While musky season does not open until the 3rd Saturday in June there were many reports of people hooking incidental musky fishing for walleye and pike during the opening May long weekend across Lake Nipissing. This could be an exciting year for fishing these big guys? The new 48-inch minimum size limit virtually ensures all but a very few muskies are release after being caught (many seasoned musky anglers will release the oversize fish as well). While catching lots of muskies is great, my concern is releasing all these fish could upset the critical balance between pike and musky in this lake.

Opening weekend fire ban...!

Thu. May 17, 2012

Due do a long dry spring the Ministry of Natural Resources has imposed a fire ban over most of Ontario. This includes our area of Lake Nipissing. The ban is in effect now and through the Long Weekend.

Campers are allowed cooking on propane of gas stoves only. No open fires are allowed for any reason.

But the fishing should be good...!


Get Your Fishing License Online

Thu. March 22, 2012

You can now purchase your fishing license online before you arrive for your fishing trip. Be ready to cast upon arrival!

To get started Click Here

2012 Season Openers

Thu. March 22, 2012

Opening for walleye and pike on Lake Nipissing is Saturday, May19. Muskies are open Saturday, June 16th. Bass are on the following weekend, Saturday the 23rd of June.

Opening days are always popular so if you're thinking about joining us be sure to book early to avoid disappointment.

Here is a link to the 2012 Lake Nipissing fishing regulations...

Lake Nipissing Fishing Regulations (1.28 MB)

Green Fishing Cards?

Tue. January 25, 2011

Many of our American guests are receiving green Fishing Outdoor Cards in the mail with little explanation as to what to do with them.

If you receive a green fishing card in the mail, hang on to it! Without this it will cost you another $9.68 when you purchase your 2012 Ontario fishing licence.

In an attempt to modernize the process the Ontario MNR invented the green card. But it is only part of the licence and must be accompanied with an additional fishing licence tag.

Here are links to the Ontario MNR websites showing the costs of 2012 fishing licences and explanation of the green card.

the green Outdoors Card

Non-Resident Fishing Licence Fees

All 2012 fishing licences are available for sale on site at Lakair Lodge.

Boater's Card

Mon. January 24, 2011

Canadian Boater's Card:

Following is some information to help explain the new rules for operating a boat in Canadian waters.

If you are Canadian you require a boater's safety card to operate a pleasure craft. Link: Pleasure Craft Operator Card

If you are American: you do not require having a boater's safety card for operating a boat that is registered in the United States. Go to link for details: Transport Canada

If you rent a boat (this applies to both Canadians and Americans) the owner of the rental boat (i.e. Lakair Lodge) can provide you with a temporary boater's safety check list which allows you to operate the boat for the duration of the rental period.

Nice 50" musky caught in 2010

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Fri. September 17, 2010

Jim Warden has caught a least one nice musky up here on Lake Nipissing in his last 7 trips.

This one was caught the last day of August 2010.

Pike Tournament Video

Mon. March 22, 2010

This fishing video goes back a couple of years, but is a fun video to watch.
This large pike, caught right off Lakair's main dock, won the annual OFN tournament...!

Lakair on You-Tube

Sun. February 28, 2010

The following videos are compliments of Jim Warden and his Misty Cove friends.

The MistyCove 2007 Lakair Get Together

The second annual MistyCove Lakair G2G

Hope you enjoy...!

Fishing opens a week early in 2010!

Sun. February 14, 2010

For 2010 Opening Day for Walleye and Pike on Lake Nipissing is May 15th, a full week before the May Long Weekend.
Book now to beat the long weekend rush. There is virtually no traffic on the northern routes which makes for an easy, relaxed drive.
There is very little boat traffic on the lake before the long weekend and this is a great time to enjoy quiet waters and get a head start on the season.
Early spring can be a great time to catch large pike cruising near the shoreline feasting on clouds of spawning minnows. It is common in the spring to see pike between 5 to 15 pounds. Early spring pike tend to be very feisty in the cold water and are exceptionally tasty.
Spring walleye can be very aggressive, post spawn, however when the bite turns on is very dependant of weather and water temperatures. Early season walleye can be found in very shallow waters (5 to 10 feet) off the open water shoals in West Bay or a bit deeper (5 to 15 feet) near the drop offs in the deeper waters of the West Arm, very close to the lodge.
Also fishing the cold waters can sometimes produce catches of whitefish and white bass.

Here is the link to the MNR Fishing Regulations for Division 11:
2010 Fishing Regs

just in...... fish pics from 2009

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Tue. October 20, 2009

Here are a couple of fish pics I just received from a couple of our guests. These fish were caught earlier in the year.

The download is a musky was caught in July by Jon Halma 22lbs and 44.5 inches - released to grow even bigger!

The walleye pic is Father's Day 2009 with Tim De Block. Quote: "This was the best pic all summer no matter where we went. Fathers Day June 09. Shared with son and grandpa!

welcome to fall

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Mon. October 5, 2009

The walleyes are now on their fall bite in the West Arm..

small mouth bass are hungry and so are the muskies..

here is a new pic of a fall musky caught on Saturday, Oct.3/09 by Jim Warden of Georgetown..

July has come and gone...!

Mon. July 27, 2009

July fishing saw steady walleye catches. The other species, pike, bass and musky were slow during the first of the month but catches have steadily increased during the passed three weeks. The bass (smallies and large-mouths have really turned on this past week or so as have the muskies! I know of 8-10 good size muskies caught in this area in the last few days. Pike fishing is still somewhat slow however several larger fish, near 40-inches have been landed. Things are looking up for August!

End of June..... and OFN G2G

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Tue. June 30, 2009

Well we made it through June (that was fast)...with a very busy camp on the last weekend.

The Ontario Fishing Net guys and gals made it up for their 8th annual G2G.
Check out their site at: http://www.ofncommunity.com/forums/

All had a great time as usual, and lots of pike were caught doing their 3 hour tourney. with a big fish fry in the campgrounds afterwards.

Two nice muskies were caught during the OFN weekend. To close out the month of June.. one young kid caught a 30 inch walleye off our dock..!

Paul's-bass-09.JPG (58.6 KB)
Paul's-walleye-09.JPG (62.1 KB)

June 5-8 report

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Thu. June 11, 2009

The boys got into the fish! Here is a note they wrote us and some pics:

This was Sunday morning before heading home. Thanks to our hosts Leslie and Kevin. Toby, Emily, and the rest of your staff that were always ready to assist in any way. We will be back. Thanks again Bill Patterson, Tim Deblock, Dave McClure, and Justin Boersma."

IMG_0393(1).JPG (52.7 KB)
IMG_0397.JPG (62.5 KB)
IMG_0388.JPG (60.2 KB)
IMG_0404.JPG (50.2 KB)

June 2009 - New Website is Launched

Lionel & Bill two 25-inchers
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Wed. June 3, 2009

Finally after 15 years on the internet we have decided it is time to upgrade our website. So welcome to the new site. We hope you enjoy the new format and would appreciate your feedback, especially if we have made any mistakes that should be pointed out to us or other general problems with the site.

There are several new innovations that we hope our guests will enjoy. This Whats New page is one example, where we can post current reports, such as fishing conditions and pics of the latest catches, such as the two 25-inch walleyes (posted here) caught just last night, under the bridge, by Lionel and Bill. They had to throw back a lot of slot fish before they boated these two beauties.

Check out our ever growing photo gallery to view more fish pictures, along with general photos taken around the Lakair and Lake Nipissing. There will also be more photos of our cottages and campgrounds. Check out the Out and About photo page for a spectacular rainbow pic taken by my daughter, Merideth, just a few days ago.

Please send in a few of your favorite photos to us and we may post them on our site.
I would like to perhaps start a page of historical photos from years gone by. Maybe you have some Lakair or Samoset (the Cameron family built and operated Samoset Lodge between 1919 and 1946) photos taken by your grandparents you would like to share.

We are looking forward to your comments on our site and also to this new fishing season and seeing many of you this summer.

Kevin and Leslie

Celebrating 90 years on the West Arm

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Sat. May 16, 2009

Opening Day 2009, marks 90 years that the Cameron family have been catering to sportsmen on the West Arm of Lake Nipissing.

It all started way back in 1919 when Fred and Lillian Cameron first created Samoset Lodge out of the forest next to a rock point and a sandy beach.

Years later (1948), with much water under the bridge, Lillian (now a Batsford) and her son Wally Cameron joined forces to build a second lodge, named Lakair, located beside the original lodge and fronting on the new "Kings" Hwy.#64.

In 1992, son Kevin and wife, Leslie took over Lakair Lodge from Wally and Hazel Cameron to carry on the tradition.

Much has changed over those 90 years and much has remained the same. The lake is still very beautiful, and the fishing, although not the virgin fishing of the early '20s remains very good.

At Lakair we have strived to maintain much of the "50s" charm. Many of our guests have been coming here for generations and the old timers have great stories to tell of fishing adventures from years gone by. Some of our guests are direct descendants of the original visitors who first met my Grandmother, Lillian Cameron (originally Lillian Lavanna Rice) way back in the 1920s