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These maps are produced by the Canadian Hydrographic Service and provide water depth measurements in meters and 1/10 of meters. Contour intervals vary from 2-10 meters. Shoals are shown as “.” and “+”. As a rule of thumb the continuous waters depths less than 2 meters (dark blue colour on map) are best locations to locate heavy weed cover. Between 2-5 meter depths (light blue on map) is a transitional zone to deeper, thinner weeds. Below 5 meters (white area on map) is deep water fishing. For most small fishing boats the areas in light blue and white (all depths deeper than 2 meters) is safe navigation. Lake Nipissing is famous for its many rock shoals and all depths less than 2 meters should be treated with a great deal of respect.

Lake Nipissing is divided into four maps as outlined below. Lakair Lodge is located approximately in the center of map #6038, where Hwy. 64 crosses the West Arm Narrows. We are some 22.5 kilometers (14 miles) from the western edge of the “big lake” as seen in map #6037.
The upper French River is covered by map #6036 from Lake Nipissing down to the Chaudier Dams. Finally the central and eastern portions of Lake Nipissing are detailed in map #6035.

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